If access to this website is still required, please log a call at the HelpDesk on 0800 222 030 or for this site to be made accessible. Before doing so refer to the following
extracts from the Murray & Roberts Group IT Policy with regards to Internet & email use:

General Principles

  • Murray & Roberts uses the Internet as an important business communication tool and users have the responsibility to use this tool in an effective, ethical and lawful manner;
  • In general, users should only access those resources (e.g., FTP servers, Web pages) required to perform their business function for which they are authorised;
  • Accessing the Internet for non-business use is generally not allowed on Murray & Roberts-provided equipment and during business hours;
  • Use of the Internet is a privilege and should not be abused for personal use;
  • Murray & Roberts has the right to monitor Internet usage for business reasons, which include compliance with the policy, bandwidth optimisation and employee performance;
  • Users should have no expectation of personal privacy in accessing the Internet.

Prohibited Activities

The following are prohibited when using company-provided access accounts or equipment, or when identifying yourself as associated with Murray & Roberts using an individually acquired access account:

  • Downloading, transmission, and possession of pornographic or sexually explicit, racist or sexist materials;
  • Unauthorised attempts to bypass or circumvent any security system are prohibited; and
  • Employees should also be aware that suspicious or illegal on-line services are regularly monitored. These include:
    • Playing, uploading and downloading of any games;
    • Any form of gambling;
    • Participation in any on-line contest or promotion; and
    • Use, transmission, duplication, or voluntary receipt of material that infringes on the copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or patent rights of any person or organisation.

Please remember that each user who has access to the Internet and Intranet will be held
responsible for all of his or her interactions. Any misuse of this access could lead to
disciplinary action and/or suspension of the service.

The complete Group IT Policy is available on the Murray & Roberts intranet.